Ruraq:Ñillu Hay

(Ruraq:虞海-manta pusampusqa)
  • Hello! I'm a Chinese and my name in the naming convention is Ñillu Hay/Ñɪʟʟᴜ Hay (Ñillu Hay?han simipi虞海 Qiu Xae, phinyimpi: Yú Hǎi), but may be simply Llu Hay or Yu Hay in the board transcription.
  • I do not speak Qhichwa, I'm here to do the following jobs:
  1. Made a Han simi-Qhichwa simi naming convention based on Thunq'i (Operation Arise, Ch'unwa!);
  2. Eliminate Spanish influence, and keep the original face of Qhichwa (Operation Arise, Qhichwa!).
  • I hope Qhichwa adopt an alphabet suitable to Qhichwa, for example: use b [p⁼], p [pʰ], b' [p'], bb [b] instead of the current Spanish-influenced p [p⁼], ph [pʰ], p' [p'], b [b]. Not only will that shorten most Qhichwa words, but also it may help Qhichwan people think in their native way. But since the current Spanish-influenced orthography is too widely used, I'll never[1] made it a proposal.

––虞海 (Ñillu Hay) 15:50 23 mar 2011 (UTC)

  1. unless ...?

To do: Sinru qillqa: Qillqaqkuna (Zhunghua); Quwiy or Quyiy??


"Ñillu_Hay&oldid=661368" p'anqamanta chaskisqa (Wikipedia, Qhichwa / Quechua)