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Yupaychasqa runasimipi qillqaq runamasiykuna, Kay sutipi "uralan" simiqa mana allin simim. Kay simiqa www.runasimi.de-pi tarisqam "Tukuman" k'iti rimaypis, ichaqa kay k'iti rimaypi "uralan" simiqa mana kanchum. Domingo A. Bravo-p Santiago del Estero simi taqinpi (aswan allin simi taqi Arhintinap runasiminmanta) kastilla simi "sur," "meridional" ima "uralau" (uralaw) simiwan t'ikrasqam. Kay simiqa runasimi "ura" kastilla simi "lado - ladu - lau"-manta rurasqam kan. Chayrayku, icha "uralaw runasimi" icha "urin runasimi" qillqanam.

Mana allin runasimipi qillqayta atinichu, chayrayku huk simipi qillqasaq:

Dear Quechua writers, The name of this entry contains a word that, in my humble opinion, does not exist in Quechua. The word is "uralan," supposed to mean "southern." The word "uralan" is found in the Philip Jacobs Quechua dictionary at www.runasimi.de as a word in the "Tukuman" dialect. Domingo A. Bravo, the number-one authority on Argentinian Quechua, renders the concepts of "sur" and "meridional" by using the word "uralau." "Uralau" comes from Quechua "ura" and Spanish "lado" (turned into "ladu" and finally "lau"). I do not think it is a good idea to use a Spanish root in a concept to denote which other Southern Quechua varieties easily go without using one. Jorge A. Lira has the word "urin" for south. I guess it is good enough for general Southern Quechua. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Anchata riqsikuykichik. --Aleksandr N. Natarov 06:41 2 hun 2009 (UTC)[responder]

Dear Quechua writers, I have received a confirmation of my doubts from a Quechua language authority. Dr. Serafin Coronel-Molina has replied to my comments about "uralan" and "urin" as follows: "The most acceptable word for 'south' in Quechua would be 'urin'." What do you think we should do about this "uralan" invention? I suggest that we go ahead and replace all "uralan" with "urin." Does anyone know if there is a way to do the replacement with one blow? --Aleksandr N. Natarov 05:47 22 hul 2009 (UTC)[responder]

Dear Aleksandr N. Natarov, Many thanks for your efforts! If AlimanRuna agrees, too, we can replace it. Sincerely -- CaTi0604 08:58 22 hul 2009 (UTC)[responder]

Dear CaTi0604, Thank you for your offer to help with the replacement. I intend to go ahead with the change and have "urin" instead of "uralan" all through the Quechua Wikipedia. See what Dr. Serafín Coronel Molina has written to me in response to my continued discussion with him of the uralan-urin choice: "Perhaps, the best solution would be to include 'uralan', 'uralaw', 'ura lawnin' as synonyms. Let's not forget that Quechua and Spanish have been in prolonged contact since colonial times until the present. This would be a way to recognize that contact situation and the dialectal variation of the Quechua language in the Andes. I think AlimanRuna agrees with the changes, but my suggestion would be to keep the other terminologies as synonyms. Definitely, 'urin' should be the principal meaning for 'south'." I also have the green light from AlimanRuna, who has written to me as follows: Mana "uralan" nisqa p'anqa sutita munaspaykiqa, "urin" icha "uralaw" icha wakin sutiman astay. Ama mancharikuychu, allin sunquykiwan ruray (en:Wikipedia:Be bold)! -- AlimanRuna 17:12 22 hul 2009 (UTC) So, I am going to change the word in the entries "Uralan" and "Uralan Runasimi" and am asking you to run the change through the rest of the Wikipedia in Quechua. Thank you again for your kind offer of help. Yours, --Aleksandr N. Natarov 05:36 24 hul 2009 (UTC)[responder]

Kay musuq liwrum urin runasimitaqa "Urin Qichwa" nin: Urin Qichwa. Siminchik allin qillqanapaq: chankakunapaq qullawkunapaqwan Autor: Óscar Chávez Gonzales Editorial(es): Textos Lugar de publicación: Lima Año de edición: 2017 Número de páginas: 72 ISBN: 9786124686832 Precio: S/. 24.00 Qamkuna allinlla --Aleksandr N. Natarov

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