Sinru qillqa: Qillqaqkuna (Awstralya)

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Lista: Qillqaqkuna (Awstralya)

Romanautoren[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

Name Daten Werke
Glenda Adams * 1940 Longleg, The Tempest of Clemenza, Dancing on Coral
Jessica Anderson * 1925 Tirra Lirra by the River, The Impersonators, Stories from the Warm Zone
Tom Arden *1961 Moon Escape
Thea Astley 1925 - 2004 The Well Dressed Explorer, The Slow Natives, The Acolyte, Drylands
Murray Bail * 1941 Homesickness, Holden’s Performance, Eucalyptus
Carmel Bird * 1940 The Bluebird Café, The White Garden, Red Shoes
Rolf Boldrewood (1826-1915)
Peter Carey * 1943 Illywhacker, Oscar and Lucinda, Jack Maggs, True History of the Kelly Gang
Marcus Clarke 1846-1881 For the Term of His Natural Life
James Clavell 1924-1994 Noble House
Kenneth Cook 1929-1987 Wake in Fright
Robert Dessaix * 1944 Night Letters
Garry Disher * 1949
Nick Earls Romancier
Jennifer Fallon Fantasy
Richard Flanagan * 1961 Death of a River Guide, The Sound of One Hand Clapping
David Foster * 1944 The Pure Land, Moonlite, The Pale Blue Crochet Coathanger Cover, The Glade within the Grove
Miles Franklin 1879 - 1954 My Brilliant Career
Joseph Furphy 1843 - 1912 Such is Life
Helen Garner * 1942 Monkey Grip, The Children’s Bach, Cosmo Cosmolino
Kate Grenville * 1950 Lilian’s Story, Dreamhouse, Dark Places, The Idea of Perfection
Rodney Hall * 1935 Just Relations, The Grisly Wife, The Island in the Mind
Dorothy Hewett * 1923 Alice in Wormland
Janette Turner Hospital * 1942 Charades, The Last Magician, Oyster
David Ireland * 1927 The Unknown Industrial Prisoner, The Glass Canoe, A Woman of the Future
Elisabeth Jolley * 1923 Mr Scobie’s Riddle, My Father’s Moon, The Orchard Thieves, Lovesong
Thomas Keneally * 1935 Schindlers Liste, Bring Larks and Heroes, A Dutiful Daughter, Passenger, A River Town
Christopher Koch * 1932 The Boys in the Island, Highway to A War
Kathy Lette Puberty Blues
David Malouf Johnno, The Great World, Dream Stuff
Drusilla Modjeska * 1946 The Orchard
Frank Moorhouse * 1938 Grand Days, Dark Palace
Sally Morgan * 1951 My Place
Max Murray 1901-1956 Krimiautor
D'Arcy Niland 1919 - 1967 The Shiralee
Garth Nix * 1963 The Ragwitch, Shade's Children, Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen
Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker)
Ruth Park * 1923 A Power of Roses; One-a-Pecker, Two-a-Pecker; Swords and Crowns and Rings, The Muddle-Headed Wombat
Doris Pilkington Nugi Garimara *20. Jahrhundert Caprice: A Stockman’s Daughter, Follow the rabbit-proof fence. St. Lucia, Qld (1996)
Banjo Paterson 1864-1941 Waltzing Matilda, The Man From Snowy River
Thomas Shapcott * 1935 Theatre of Darkness
Christina Stead 1902 - 1983 House of all Nations, The Man Who Loved Children, The Little Hotel
Randolph Stow * 1935 A Haunted Land, To the Islands, Tourmaline, Visitants
Chris Tsiolkas * 1965 Mapping Desire – Christos Tsiolkas’s Loaded
George Turner 1916 - 1997 SF
Morris West 1916 - 1999 Children of the Sun, Daughter of Silence, The Ambassador, Vanishing Point
Osmar White 1909 - 1991 Autor, Journalist
Patrick White 1912 - 1990 Voss, Riders in the Chariot, The Twyborn Affair, Memoirs of Many in One
David Williamson Bühnenautor
Tim Winton * 1960 An Open Swimmer, Cloudstreet, The Riders, Reihe „Lockie Leonard“

Dichter[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

Christopher Brennan 1870 - 1932 Poems: 1913
C.J Dennis 1876 - 1938 A Sentimental Bloke, Melbourne Streets
Edward Dyson 1865 - 1931 Rhymes from the Mines and other Lines, auch Kurzgeschichten
Dame Mary Gilmore
A. D. Hope
Henry Kendall 1839 - 1882 Bell-Birds
Adam Lindsay Gordon 1833 - 1870 Wolf and Hound
Henry Lawson 1867 - 1922 The Days While We Went Swimming, The Teams, auch Kurzgeschichten (While the Billy Boiled)
Dorothea Mackellar 1885 - 1965 My Country
Les Murray * 1938 Fredy Neptune
Dorothy Porter * 1954 Driving Too Fast, Crete, auch ein Roman (The Monkeys Mask)
Judith Wright South of My Days

Kinderbuchautoren[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

Pamela Allen Who Sank the Boat, Bertie and the Bear, My Cat Maisie
Gary Crew * 1947 First Light, po or shit, The Watertower
Libby Gleeson * 1950 The Princess and the Perfect Dish, An Ordinary Day
Elizabeth Honey Princess Beatrice and the Rotten Robber, Don’t pat the Wombat, The Moon in the Man
Paul Jennings
John Marsden Tomorrow-Serie
James Moloney * 1954 The House on River Terrace, Black Taxi
Patricia Mullins Hattie and the Fox, The Magic Saddle, The Sea-Breeze Hotel
Emily Rodda Deltora Quest, Pigs Might Fly
Dick Roughsey Turramulli the Giant Quinkin
Ivan Southall * 1921 Ash Road, „Simon Black“-Reihe
Colin Thiele (1920-2006)
Patricia Wrightson * 1921 The Crooked Snake, The Nargun and the Stars, A Little Fear

Weitere[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

Wilfred Burchett 1911 - 1983 Journalist
Geraldine Brooks (1955) Journalistin und Schriftstellerin.