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Ruraq rimanakuy:Qhapaqkanki

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(Ruraq rimanakuy:Qhapaqkanqi-manta pusampusqa)

Hi! The article linked above is a result of cross-wiki spam (it's been created in many languages and rejected in Spanish and English, for example). It contains no valuable references, the person is not notable as of now. Do you know how to nominate the article for deletion? Thank you beforehand. --Brunnaiz (rimanakuy) 20:29 28 may 2023 (UTC)[responder]

why is my profile a spam and how are we meet a wiki I am confused 🤔 Qhapaqkanqi (rimanakuy) 06:05 29 may 2023 (UTC)[responder]

Translation request[pukyuta llamk'apuy]


Can you create the article es:Laacher See, which is the third most powerful volcano in Europe after Campi Flegrei and Santorini, in Quechua Wikipedia?

Yours sincerely, Multituberculata (rimanakuy) 11:49 22 hul 2023 (UTC)[responder]

Thank you very much for the new article! Multituberculata (rimanakuy) 09:11 13 awu 2023 (UTC)[responder]

Felicitaciones[pukyuta llamk'apuy]

Glorioso(a) Qhapaqkanqi, recibe este premio por tus contribuciones admirables en la Wikipedia, por contribuir y mejorar los artículos en general; por tu gran trabajo colosal. ¡Eres el(la) mejor! Santi Chuco (rimanakuy) 22:59 2 awu 2023 (UTC)[responder]