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Patricia Highsmith

Patricia Highsmith
Patricia Highsmith
Kawsaymanta qusqakuna
Paqariy sutin Mary Patricia Plangman
Paqarisqa  HAM, Fort Worth
19 ñiqin qhulla puquy killapi 1921 watapi
Wañusqa  Suwisa, Locarno
4 ñiqin hatun puquy killapi 1995 watapi
Rurasqankuna Qillqaq
Aswan riqsisqa qillqasqan: Strangers on a Train
Qillqayninpa watankuna: 1942-1995
Silq'uynin Patricia Highsmithpa silq'uynin

Mary Patricia Plangman sutiyuq warmiqa icha Patricia Highsmith (* 19 ñiqin qhulla puquy killapi 1921 watapi paqarisqa Fort Worth llaqtapi -4 ñiqin hatun puquy killapi 1995 watapi wañusqa Locarno llaqtapi), huk  HAM Hukllachasqa Amirika Suyukuna mama llaqtayuq qillqaqmi qarqan.

Yachaywasi: Julia Richman High School, Alma materː Barnard College.

Taytanː Jay Bernard Plangman (1889–1975), Mamanː Mary Coates (1895–1991)

Qillqasqankuna[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

Kawsay rikch'a[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

The "Ripliad"[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

Willakuy kulicsyunkuna[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

  • Eleven (1970) (Foreword by Graham Greene) (published as The Snail-Watcher and Other Stories in U.S.A.)
  • Little Tales of Misogyny (1975) (published first as Kleine Geschichtgen für Weiberfeinde in Switzerland)
  • The Animal Lover's Book of Beastly Murder (1975)
  • Slowly, Slowly in the Wind (1979)
  • The Black House (1981)
  • Mermaids on the Golf Course (1985)
  • Tales of Natural and Unnatural Catastrophes (1987)
  • Chillers (1990)
  • Nothing That Meets the Eye: The Uncollected Stories (2002) (published posthumously)

Munay qillqasqankuna[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

  • Miranda the Panda is on the Veranda (1958) with Doris Sanders (children's book of verse and illustrations)
  • Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction (1966) (enlarged and revised edition, 1981)

Payyuyay wan articlekuna[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

  • "Not-Thinking with the Dishes" (1982), Whodunit? A Guide to Crime, Suspense and Spy Fiction, pg. 92. By H. R. F. Keating, Windward, Plantilla:ISBN[1]
  • "Scene of the Crime" (1989), Granta, Issue No. 29, Winter

Miscellaneous[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

Collected works[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

Suñaykuna[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

Willay pukyukuna[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

Kaypipas qhaway[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

Hawa t'inkikuna[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

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