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PHP riqsinapaq rikch'a

PHP nisqaqa sapsi-munanayachi scripting simim, web wiñarichiyman churasqa.[1] Qallariyninpiqa Thanis-Kanatamanta Rasmus Lerdorf sutiyuq wakichiqpa kamasqanmi karqan 1993 watapi, 1995 watapitaq lluqsirqan.[2][3] PHP willaparquna tarpuyqa kunan PHP Qutumanta ruwasqa.[4] PHP qallariyninpiqa Personal Home Page (Sapallap Wasi P'anqap) pisichasqanmi karqan,[5][6] ichataq kunanqa PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (Hanaqqillqa Ñawpaqmantaraq thatkichiypa) kuti kutikun qallariyninpaqmi sayan.[7]

Kayqa huk PHP khiputuyrumanta rikuchinam WordPress winana kamachiy llikachapaq.

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Kachariy wiñaykawsay[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

Version Release date Supported until[8] Notes
Plantilla:Version 8 June 1995 Officially called "Personal Home Page Tools (PHP Tools)". This is the first use of the name "PHP".[4]
Plantilla:Version 1 November 1997 Officially called "PHP/FI 2.0". This is the first release that could actually be characterised as PHP, being a standalone language with many features that have endured to the present day.
Plantilla:Version 6 June 1998 20 October 2000[8] Development moves from one person to multiple developers. Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans rewritten the base for this version.[4]
Plantilla:Version 22 May 2000[9] 23 June 2001[8] Added more advanced two-stage parse/execute tag-parsing system called the Zend engine.[10]
Plantilla:Version 10 December 2001[11] 12 March 2002[8] Introduced "superglobals" (Plantilla:Code, Plantilla:Code, Plantilla:Code, etc.)[10]
Plantilla:Version 22 April 2002[12] 6 September 2002[8] Disabled register_globals by default. Data received over the network is not inserted directly into the global namespace anymore, closing possible security holes in applications.[10]
Plantilla:Version 27 December 2002[13] 31 March 2005[8] Introduced the command-line interface (CLI), to supplement the CGI.[10][14]
Plantilla:Version 11 July 2005[15] 7 August 2008[8] Fixed a memory corruption bug, which required breaking binary compatibility with extensions compiled against PHP version 4.3.x.[16]
Plantilla:Version 13 July 2004[17] 5 September 2005[8] Zend Engine II with a new object model.[18]
Plantilla:Version 24 November 2005[19] 24 August 2006[8] Performance improvements with the introduction of compiler variables in re-engineered PHP Engine.[18] Added PHP Data Objects (PDO) as a consistent interface for accessing databases.[20]
Plantilla:Version 2 November 2006[21] 6 January 2011[8] Enabled the filter extension by default. Native JSON support.[18]
Plantilla:Version 30 June 2009[22] 14 August 2014[8] Namespace support; late static bindings, jump label (limited goto), anonymous functions, closures, PHP archives (phar), garbage collection for circular references, improved Windows support, sqlite3, mysqlnd as a replacement for libmysql as the underlying library for the extensions that work with MySQL, fileinfo as a replacement for mime_magic for better MIME support, the Internationalization extension, and deprecation of ereg extension.
Plantilla:Version 1 March 2012[23] 3 September 2015[8] Trait support, short array syntax support. Removed items: register_globals, safe_mode, allow_call_time_pass_reference, Plantilla:Code, Plantilla:Code and Plantilla:Code. Built-in web server.[24] Several improvements to existing features, performance and reduced memory requirements.
Plantilla:Version 20 June 2013[25] 10 July 2016[26] Support for generators, finally blocks for exceptions handling, OpCache (based on Zend Optimizer+) bundled in official distribution.[27]
Plantilla:Version 28 August 2014[28] 31 December 2018[26] Constant scalar expressions, variadic functions, argument unpacking, new exponentiation operator, extensions of the use statement for functions and constants, new phpdbg debugger as a SAPI module, and other smaller improvements.[29]
6.x Plantilla:N/a Plantilla:N/a Abandoned version of PHP that planned to include native Unicode support.[30][31]
Plantilla:Version 3 December 2015[32] 10 January 2019[33] Zend Engine 3 (performance improvements[34] and 64-bit integer support on Windows[35]), uniform variable syntax,[36] AST-based compilation process,[37] added Plantilla:Code,[38] bitwise shift consistency across platforms,[39] Plantilla:Code (null coalesce) operator,[40] Unicode code point escape syntax,[41] return type declarations,[42] scalar type (integer, float, string and boolean) declarations,[43] <=> "spaceship" three-way comparison operator,[44] generator delegation,[45] anonymous classes,[46] simpler and more consistently available CSPRNG API,[47] replacement of many remaining internal PHP "errors" with the more modern exceptions,[48] and shorthand syntax for importing multiple items from a namespace.[49]
Plantilla:Version 1 December 2016 1 December 2019[26] void return type,[50] class constant visibility modifiers[51]
Plantilla:Version 30 November 2017 30 November 2020[26] Object parameter and return type declaration,[52] Libsodium extension,[53] abstract method overriding,[54] parameter type widening[55]
Plantilla:Version 6 December 2018[56] 6 December 2021 Flexible Heredoc and Nowdoc syntax,[57] support for reference assignment and array deconstruction with list(),[58] PCRE2 support,[59] hrtime() function[60]
Plantilla:Version 28 November 2019[61] 28 November 2022 Typed properties 2.0,[62] preloading,[63] null-coalescing assignment operator,[64] improve openssl_random_pseudo_bytes,[65] Weak References,[66] FFIPlantilla:Snd foreign function interface,[67] always available hash extension,[68] password hash registry,[69] multibyte string splitting,[70] reflection for references,[71] unbundle ext/wddx,[72] new custom object serialization mechanism[73]
Plantilla:Version 26 November 2020[74] 26 November 2023 Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation,[75] arrays starting with a negative index,[76] stricter/saner language semantics (validation for abstract trait methods),[77] saner string to number comparisons,[78] saner numeric strings,[79] TypeError on invalid arithmetic/bitwise operators,[80] reclassification of various engine errors,[81] consistent type errors for internal functions,[82] fatal error for incompatible method signatures[83]), locale-independent float to string conversion,[84] variable syntax tweaks,[85] attributes,[86][87][88][89] named arguments,[90] match expression,[91] constructor property promotion,[92] union types,[93] mixed type,[94] static return type,[95] nullsafe operator,[96] non-capturing catches,[97] throw expression,[98] JSON extension is always available.[99]
Plantilla:Version 25 November 2021[100] 25 November 2024 Explicit octal integer literal notation,[101] enumerations,[102] readonly properties,[103] first-class callable syntax,[104] new in initializers,[105] pure intersection types,[106] never return type,[107] final class constraints,[108] fibers[109]
Plantilla:Version 8 December 2022[110] 8 December 2025 Readonly classes,[111] null, false, and true as stand-alone types,[112][113] locale-independent case conversion,[114] disjunctive normal form types,[115] constants in traits[116]
Plantilla:Version 23 November 2023[117] 23 November 2026

Pukyukuna[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

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