Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster (1961).

Alicia Christian Foster sutiyuq warmiqa, icha Jodie Foster (19 ñiqin ayamarq'a killapi 1962 watapi paqarisqa Los Angeles llaqtapi - ) huk  HAM Hukllachasqa Amirika Suyukuna mama llaqtayuq aranway pukllaqmi qarqan.

Taytan: Lucius Fisher Foster III; Maman: Evelyn Ella "Brandy" Almond).
Churinnkuna: Charles (1998) wan Kit (2001)

Pilikulakuna[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

Foster wan Rod Serling / Ironside (1972)
Wata Pilikula Qillqa Notes
1972 Napoleon and Samantha Samantha
Kansas City Bomber Rita
1973 Tom Sawyer Becky Thatcher
One Little Indian Martha McIver
1974 Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore Audrey
1976 Taxi Driver Iris "Easy" Steensma
Echoes of a Summer Deirdre Striden aka The Last Castle
Bugsy Malone Tallulah
The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane Rynn Jacobs
Freaky Friday Annabel Andrews/Ellen Andrews
1977 Moi, fleur bleue Isabelle Tristan (aka Fleur bleue) aka Stop Calling Me Baby!
Casotto Teresina Fedeli aka Beach House
Candleshoe Casey Brown
1980 Foxes Jeanie
Carny Donna
1982 O'Hara's Wife Barbara O'Hara
1983 Svengali Zoe Alexander
1984 The Hotel New Hampshire Frannie Berry
The Blood of Others Hélène Bertrand aka Le Sang des autres
1986 Mesmerized Victoria Thompson aka My Letter to George
1987 Five Corners Linda
Siesta Nancy
1988 Stealing Home Katie Chandler
The Accused Sarah Tobias
1990 Catchfire Anne Benton aka Backtrack
1991 The Silence of the Lambs Clarice Starling
Little Man Tate Dede Tate Also director
Shadows and Fog Prostitute
1993 Sommersby Laurel Sommersby
It Was a Wonderful Life Narrator Documentary
1994 Maverick Mrs. Annabelle Bransford
Nell Nell Kellty
1997 Contact Dr. Eleanor Arroway
1999 Anna and the King Anna Leonowens
2002 The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys Sister Assumpta
Panic Room Meg Altman
2003 Abby Singer Herself
2004 A Very Long Engagement Elodie Gordes aka Un long dimanche de fiançailles
2005 Flightplan Kyle Pratt
2006 Inside Man Madeline White
2007 The Brave One Erica Bain
2008 Nim's Island Alexandra Rover
2011 The Beaver Meredith Black Also director
Carnage Penelope Longstreet
2013 Elysium Secretary of Defense Jessica Delacourt
2018 Hotel Artemis Jean Thomas (The Nurse)
2019 Love, Antosha Herself
TBA Prisoner 760 Nancy Hollander Filming

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