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Jeffrey Hunter

Jeffrey Hunter
Jeffrey Hunter (Hisus, "King of Kings")

Henry Herman "Hank" McKinnies Jr. sutiyuq runaqa, icha Jeffrey Hunter (25 ñiqin ayamarq'a killapi 1926 watapi paqarisqa New Orleans llaqtapi - 27 ñiqin aymuray killapi 1969 watapi wañusqa Los Angeles llaqtapi), huk  HAM Hukllachasqa Amirika Suyukuna mama llaqtayuq kuyu walltaypi aranway pukllaqmi qarqan.

Pilikulakuna[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

Kuyu walltay
Wata Suti Qillqa Nota
1950 Julius Caesar Third Plebeian Uncredited
1951 Call Me Mister The Kid iskay minute part.
1951 Fourteen Hours Danny Klempner Huk pilikula under the contract with Fox. Also stars Grace Kelly in a small rol.
1951 The Frogmen Pappy Creighton Huk featured billing. Huk pilikula with Robert Wagner.
1951 Take Care of My Little Girl Chad Carnes
1952 Red Skies of Montana Edward J. (Ed) Miller Alternative suti: Smoke Jumpers. Billed third.
1952 Belles on Their Toes Dr. Bob Grayson
1952 Lure of the Wilderness Ben Tyler First leading rol.
1952 Dreamboat Bill Ainslee
1953 Sailor of the King Signalman Andrew 'Canada' Brown Alternative suti: C.S. Forester's Sailor of the King, Single-Handed.
First starring role.
1954 Three Young Texans Johnny Colt Huk Western.
1954 Princess of the Nile Prince Haidi
1955 White Feather Little Dog
1955 Seven Angry Men Owen Brown Alternative suti: God's Angry Man. Huk pilikula made on loan out to another studio, Allied Artists.
1955 Seven Cities of Gold Matuwir
1955 The Living Swamp
Documentary pilikula. Hunter produced.
1956 The Searchers Martin Pawley
1956 The Proud Ones Thad Anderson
1956 The Great Locomotive Chase William A. Fuller Alternative title: Andrews' Raiders
1956 A Kiss Before Dying Gordon Grant Filmed immediately before The Searchers but not released until after.
1957 Gun for a Coward Bless Keough
1957 The True Story of Jesse James Frank James
1957 The Way to the Gold Joe Mundy
1957 No Down Payment David Martin
1958 Count Five and Die Captain Bill Ranson Shot in Britain.
1958 The Last Hurrah Adam Caulfield Iskay pilikula for John Ford.
1958 In Love and War Sgt. Nico Kantaylis Last pilikula under contract to Fox.
1959 La ciudad sagrada
Credited as producer; re-released in 1964 as The Mighty Jungle, combined with new African-shot footage with Marshall Thompson
1960 Sergeant Rutledge Lt. Tom Cantrell Last pilikula for John Ford.
1960 Hell to Eternity Guy Gabaldon
1960 Key Witness Fred Morrow
1961 King of Kings Hisus
1961 Man-Trap Matt Jameson
1962 No Man Is an Island George R. Tweed
1962 The Longest Day Sgt. (later Lt.) John H. Fuller Credited as Jeff Hunter
1963 Gold for the Caesars Lancer Alternative title: Oro per i Cesari. Filmed in Italty.
1963 The Man From Galveston Timothy Higgins Pilot for Temple Houston.
1965 Murieta Joaquín Murrieta Alternative suti: Joaquín Murrieta
1965 Uncle Tom's Cabin Voice role Alternative suti: Onkel Toms Hütte
1965 Brainstorm Jim Grayam Credited as Jeff Hunter
1966 Dimension 5 Justin Power
1966 Strange Portrait Mark Pilikula never released theatrically.
1967 A Witch Without a Broom Garver Logan Credited as Jeff Hunter
1967 A Guide for the Married Man Technical Adviser (Mountain Climber) Cameo rol
1967 The Christmas Kid Joe Novak
1967 Custer of the West Capt. Frederick Benteen
1968 The Private Navy of Sgt. O'Farrell Lt. (J.G.) Lyman P. Jones
1968 Find a Place to Die Joe Collins Alternative suti: Joe... cercati un posto per morire!
1968 Sexy Susan Sins Again Count Enrico Alternative suti: Frau Wirtin hat auch einen Grafen
The Hostess Also Has a Count
1969 Super Colt 38 Billy Hayes
1969 ¡Viva América! Frank Mannata Alternative suti: The Mafia Mob
Cry Chicago
Wata Suti Qillqa Nota
1955–1957 Climax! Wesley Jerome Penn
Phil Aubry
Episode: "South of the Sun"
Episode: "Hurricane Diane"
1956 The 20th Century Fox Hour Dick Cannock Episode: "The Empty Room"
1958 Pursuit Lt. Aaron Gibbs Episode: "Kiss Me Again, Stranger"
1960 Destiny, West! John Charles Fremont TV movie
1961 Checkmate Edward "Jocko" Townsend Segment: "Waiting For Jocko"
1962 The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Harold Episode: "Don't Look Behind You"
1962 Death Valley Days Capt. Walter Reed, MD Episode: "Suzie"
1962 Combat! Sergeant Dane Episode: "Lost Sheep, Lost Shepherd"
1963–1964 Temple Houston Temple Houston 26 episodes
Star and Executive producer
1963–1964 Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre Gabe
Barry Stinson
Episode: "Seven Miles of Bad Road"
Episode: "Parties to the Crime"
1965 Kraft Suspense Theatre Fred Girard Episode: "The Trains of Silence"
1965–1967 The F.B.I. Francis Jerome
Ralph Stuart
Episode: "The Monsters"
Episode: "The Enemies"
1966 Journey into Fear Dr. Howard Graham Episode: "Seller's Market"
1966 The Legend of Jesse James Jeremy Thrallkill Episode: " A Field of Wild Flowers"
1966 Daniel Boone Roark Logan Episode: "Requiem for Craw Green"
1966 The Green Hornet Emmet Crown Episode: "Freeway to Death"
1965–1966 Star Trek Captain Christopher Pike Episode: "The Cage"
Released posthumously (1988)
Episode: "The Menagerie"
Footage incorporated from "The Cage"
1967 The Monroes Ed Stanley Episode: "Wild Bill"
1967–1969 Insight James Smith
Episode: "Madam"
Episode: "The Poker Game"

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