Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda, 2015

Jane Fonda sutiyuq warmiqa (21 ñiqin qhapaq raymi killapi 1937 watapi paqarisqa New York llaqtapi - ) huk Flag of the United States.svg HAM Hukllachasqa Amirika Suyukuna mama llaqtayuq aranway pukllaqmi qarqan.

Taytan: Henry Fonda; Maman: Frances Ford Seymour.
Qusankuna: Roger Vadim (1965-1973) / Tom Hayden (1973-1990) / Ted Turner (1991-2001
Churinkuna: Vanessa Vadim (1968) wan Troy Garity (1973)

Pilikulakuna[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

Wata Oskar Suñay Qillq Otru datosy
1960 Tall Story June Ryder
1962 Walk on the Wild Kitty Twist
The Chapman Report Kathleen Barclay
Period of Adjustment Isabel Haverstick
1963 In the Cool of the Day Christine Bonner
Sunday in New York Eileen Tyler
1964 Les Félins (Joy House, The Love Cage) Melinda
La Ronde (Circle of Love) Sophie
1965 Cat Ballou Catherine 'Cat' Ballou
1966 The Chase Anna Reeves
La Curée (The Game Is Over) Renee Saccard
Any Wednesday Ellen Gordon
1967 Hurry Sundown Julie Ann Warren
Barefoot in the Park Corie Bratter
1968 Spirits of the Dead Contessa Frederica
Barbarella Barbarella
1969 They Shoot Horses, Don't They? Gloria Beatty
1971 Klute Bree Daniels
1972 Tout va bien Suzanne
1973 Steelyard Blues Iris Caine
A Doll's House Nora Helmer
1976 The Blue Bird The Night
1977 Fun with Dick and Jane Jane Harper
Julia Lillian Hellman
1978 Coming Home Sally Hyde
Comes a Horseman Ella Connors
California Suite Hannah Warren
1979 The China Syndrome Kimberly Wells *Ganó el Pr+BAFTA
The Electric Horseman Alice 'Hallie' Martin
1980 Cómo eliminar a su jefe Judy Bernly
1981 On Golden Pond Chelsea Thayer Wayne
Rollover Lee Winters
1984 The Dollmaker Gertie Nevels
1985 Agnes of God Dra. Martha Livingston
1986 The Morning After Alex Sternbergen
1989 Old Gringo Harriet Winslow
1990 Stanley & Iris Iris Estelle King
2002 Searching for Debra Winger Herself
2003 V-Day: Until the Violence Stops Herself
2005 La madre del novio Viola Fields
2007 Georgia Rule Georgia
2011 Et si on vivait tous ensemble? Jeanne
2011 Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding Grace
2013 The Butler Nancy Reagan
2014 Better Living Through Chemistry Jane Fonda
2014 This Is Where I Leave You Hillary Altman
2015 Youth Brenda Morel
2015 Fathers and Daughters Teddy Stanton
2015 Crystal

Suñaykuna[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

Oskar Suñay[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

  • Oskar Mejor warmi aranway pukllaq
    • 1978 Coming Home
    • 1971 Klute

Kaypipas qhaway[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

Willaypukyukuna[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

Hawa t'inkikuna[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

"https://qu.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Jane_Fonda&oldid=629492" p'anqamanta chaskisqa (Wikipedia, Qhichwa / Quechua)