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Anthony Perkins

Anthony Perkins (1932-1992)

Anthony Perkins sutiyuq runaqa; icha Anthony Perkins (* 4 ñiqin ayriway killapi 1932 watapi paqarisqa New York llaqtapi - 12 ñiqin tarpuy killapi 1992 watapi wañusqa Los Angeles llaqtapi) huk  HAM Hukllachasqa Amirika Suyukuna mama llaqtayuq takiq wan kuyu walltaypi aranway pukllaqmi qarqan.

Taytan: Osgood Perkins; Maman: Janet Rane.
Warmikuna: Berry Berenson (w. 1973).
Churinkuna: Oz Perkins wan Elvis Perkins.

Yachaywasi: Brooks School wan Browne&Nichols School.

Alma mater: Rollins College wan Columbia Yachay Suntur.

Pilikulakuna[llamk'apuy | pukyuta llamk'apuy]

Wata Suti Qillqa Notes
1953 The Actress Fred Whitmarsh
1956 Friendly Persuasion Josh Birdwell Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer
Nominated – Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor
1957 Fear Strikes Out Jim Piersall
1957 The Lonely Man Riley Wade
1957 The Tin Star Sheriff Ben Owens
1958 This Angry Age Joseph Dufresne Alternate title: The Sea Wall
1958 Desire Under the Elms Eben Cabot
1958 The Matchmaker Cornelius Hackl
1959 Green Mansions Abel
1959 On the Beach Lt. Peter Holmes – Royal Australian Navy
1960 Tall Story Ray Blent
1960 Psycho Norman Bates Best Actor – International Board of Motion Picture Reviewers
1961 Goodbye Again Philip Van der Besh Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actor
1962 Phaedra Alexis
1962 Five Miles to Midnight Robert Macklin French title: Le couteau dans la plaie
1962 The Trial Josef K
1963 Le glaive et la balance Johnny Parsons English title: The Sword and the Balance
1964 Une ravissante idiote Harry Compton / Nicholas Maukouline Inlish suti: The Ravishing Idiot
1965 The Fool Killer Milo Bogardus Alternate suti: Violent Journey
1966 Is Paris Burning? Sgt. Warren Ransiya simi suti: Paris brûle-t-il ?
1966 Evening Primrose Charles Snell Television film
1967 The Champagne Murders Christopher Original French title: Le Scandale
1968 Pretty Poison Dennis Pitt
1970 Catch-22 Chaplain Capt. A. T. Tappman Nominated – National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actor
1970 WUSA Rainey Nominated – National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actor
1970 How Awful About Allan Allan Ñawikaruy pilikula
1971 Someone Behind the Door Laurence Jeffries Ransiya simi suti: Quelqu'un derrière la porte
1971 Ten Days' Wonder Charles Van Horn Ransiya simi suti: La Décade prodigieuse
1972 Play It as It Lays B.Z. Mendenhall
1972 The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean Reverend LaSalle
1974 Lovin' Molly Gid Frye
1974 Murder on the Orient Express Hector McQueen
1975 Mahogany Sean McAvoy
1978 Remember My Name Neil Curry
1978 First, You Cry Arthur Heroz Ñawikaruy pilikula
1978 Les Misérables Javert Ñawikaruy pilikula
1979 North Sea Hijack Lou Kramer Alternate sutikuna: Ffolkes and Assault Force
1979 Winter Kills John Cerruti
1979 Twice a Woman Alfred Boeken Original Dutch suti: Twee Vrouwen
1979 The Black Hole Dr. Alex Durant
1980 Deadly Companion Lawrence Miles Alternate suti: Double Negative
1983 For the Term of His Natural Life Reverend James North Ñawikaruy miniseries
1983 The Sins of Dorian Gray Henry Lord Ñawikaruy pilikula
1983 Psycho II Norman Bates
1984 The Glory Boys Jimmy Ñawikaruy miniseries
1984 Crimes of Passion Reverend Peter Shayne
1986 Psycho III Norman Bates Also director
Nominated – Saturn Award for Best Actor
1987 Napoleon and Josephine: A Love Story Talleyrand Ñawikaruy miniseries
1988 Destroyer Robert Edwards Alternate title: Shadow of Death
1988 Lucky Stiff N/A Director
1989 Edge of Sanity Dr. Henry Jekyll / Jack "The Ripper" Hyde
1990 Daughter of Darkness Anton / Prince Constantine Ñawikaruy pilikula
1990–92 Chillers (aka Mistress of Suspense) Himself (Host) Ñawikaruy sirykuna (12 episodes)
1990 I'm Dangerous Tonight Professor Buchanan Ñawikaruy pilikula
1990 The Ghost Writer Anthony Strack Ñawikaruy pilot
1990 Psycho IV: The Beginning Norman Bates Ñawikaruy pilikula
1991 A Demon in My View Arthur Johnson Original suti: Der Mann nebenan
1992 The Naked Target El Mecano Original kastilla simi suti: Los gusanos no llevan bufanda
1992 In the Deep Woods Paul Miller, P.I. Ñawikaruy pilikula posthumously; final pilikula qillqa

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