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llamk'apuy yuyarinaqa manam kanchu
a (Rurana antacha Yapasqa: ps, ug Hukchasqa: lv, mi, sw)
Dear Sir/Madam,
<center>[[Image:Nuvola apps help index.png|right|100px|Bouée]]
<big><big>Wikipidiyap '''yanapana'''npa kayninkuna</big></big></center>
[[Wikipidiya]] nisqaqa qispi [[insiklupidiya]]m, lliw tiksimuyuntinpi munaqlla runakunap qillqasqan. Kay qatiq qillqakunaqa yanapasunkichik, ñawirinaykichikpaq, qillqanaykichikpaq, kay Wikipidiyata allinchanaykipaqpas.
<br/><br/>Kaymi [[Yanapa:Qhichwa simimanta, kastilla rimaqkunapaq|Qhichwa simimanta pisilla yanapay, kastilla rimaqkunapaq]]<br/>''(ayuda sobre el quechua para hispanohablantes).''
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Some of the biggest problems in our economy is untaxed earnings and money laundering. A salutation to these problems is to make higher security banknotes and to trace them. This can be done by embedding chips to banknotes. We have a patent about banknote chips with application number TPE 2006/07283 (valid in Turkey). We are trying to get a worldwide patent. We are looking for business partners who can improve the project. If you are interested in our project and need more details please let us know by replying to this email.
== <center> [[Image:Nuvola apps khelpcenter.png|40px|Bouée]]Qallariy simi </center> ==
Sincerely Yours,
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=== [[Image:Wikipedia-logo.png|30px|Wikipidiyap sananchan]]Wikipidiyamanta ===
;[[Wikipidiya]] : Wikipidiyap qallarisqanmanta, kayninkunamanta.
;[[Wikipidiya:Wikipidiyamanta|Wikipidiyamanta]] : Imataq Wikipidiya, ima hinataq ruran.
;[[Yanapa:Pasaq tapuykuna|Pasaq tapuykuna]] : Wikipidiyamanta pasaq tapuykunapaq kutichiykuna.
;[[Wikipidiya:Kayqa manam Wikipidiyachu|Kayqa manam Wikipidiyachu]] : Tariy imataq manam Wikipidiyachu.
Mustafa Dogancay
=== Aswan ===
;[[Wikipidiya:Pichqantin tiksi tunu|Pichqantin tiksi tunu]] : Wikipidiyap pichqantin tiksi tununkunamanta.
;[[Wikipidiya:Ruraqpa hayñin|Ruraqpa hayñin]] : Ruraqpa hayñinkunataqa chaninchananchikmi.
;[[Wikipidiya:Musyapaykunapaq kutichiykuna|Musyapaykunapaq kutichiykuna]] : Wikipidiyata sapsi musyapaykunapaq kutichiykuna.
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=== [[Image:WikiLettreMini.png|Wikisanampa]]Allin hamusqaykichik ===
;[[Wikipidiya:Allin hamusqaykichik|Allin hamusqaykichik]] : Allin hamusqaykichik ruraq masi.
;[[Yanapa:Qallariy simi|Qallariy simi]] : Wikipidiyapi qillqayta qallarinaykipaq yanapay.
;[[Yanapa:Qillqata llamk'apuy|Qillqata llamk'apuy]] : Wikipidiyapi qillqanaykipaq yanapanakuna.
;[[Wikipidiya:Yanapay rurana|Yanapay rurana]] : Musuq ruraqkunata yanapanapaq rurana.
;[[Yanapa:Multimidya|Multimidya]] : Ruqyay (awdyu), kuyu walltay (widyu) phichirukunawan llamk'ay.
;[[Wikipidiya:Pukllana|Pukllana]] : Qillqayta pukllaspa Wikipidiyata rurayta yacharikuy.
;[[Yanapa:Simikuna|Simikuna]] : Wikipidiyapi rimasqa kikinpa siminkuna.
;[[Wikipidiya:Aknalla yanapay]] : Ima hinataq allilla, aknalla qhichwa Wikipidiyata yanapanchik?
== <center> [[Image:Nuvola apps bookcase.png|30px|Liwrukuna]]Kamachinapas rikch'anapas </center> ==
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=== [[Image:Nuvola apps important.svg|30px|Yanqataq]]Kamachina ===
;[[Wikipidiya:Kamachina|Kamachina]] : Tiksi kamachinakuna.
;[[Wikipidiya:Allin puriy|Allin puriy]] : Allinta purispa yanapanakusunchik.
;[[Wikipidiya:Rikch'akunata llamk'achiy|Rikch'akunata llamk'achiy]] : Ima hinataq rikch'akunata llamk'achisunchik.
;[[Wikipidiya:Pukyukuna|Pukyukuna]] : Maypitaq imakunamanta ñawirisqayku.
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Technology Request
=== [[Image:Nuvola apps fonts.png|30px|Sanampakuna]]Rikch'ariy ===
Title: Banknote with a data-loaded microchip (Ref: 07 TR TEEU 0HW6 )
;[[Wikipidiya:Allin qillqay|Allin qillqay]] : Qhichwa Wikipidiyapi allin qillqanamanta.
;[[Wikipidiya:Rikch'ay|Rikch'ay]] : Qillqakunap allin rikch'ananpaq kamachina.
;[[Wikipidiya:Qillqa suti|Qillqa suti]] : Qillqata allin sutichananchikpaq kamachina.
== <center> [[Image:Nuvola apps ksig.png|30px|Qillqana k'aspi]]Chasninapaq </center> ==
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A researcher from Turkey is looking for a technology to enable data loading to banknotes. The required technology will be based on a microchip mounted on a banknote. The chip should be able to store accessible and transferable data. The researcher has applied for the patent/utility model of the planned system. The researcher is looking for licensing or technical cooperation agreements with research institutes or private companies.
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=== [[Image:Nuvola apps package wordprocessing.png|30px|Qillqana anta]]Sintaksis ===
;[[Yanapa:Ima hinataq allinchay|Ima hinataq allinchay]] : Wikipidiyapi qillqakunata allinchayta yacharikuy.
;[[Yanapa:Tawla|Tawlakuna]] : Ima hinataq Wikipidiyapi tawlakunata qillqay.
The following data should be loaded to the chips that will be mounted on the banknotes:
• The value of the banknote.
• The serial number of the banknote.
• Where and when the banknote was issued.
• Where the banknote was used last.
• The security code of the banknote (fingerprint, retina scan or numeric code).
The researcher is looking for the technology to mount the microchip on the banknote. After this operation, a network is planned to be established. Within this network, banknotes with the data mentioned above will be used in order to overcome today’s problems with the current monetary system. Within this planned network, there will be specially designed computers to process the data loaded on the banknotes. The banknotes are planned to be processed by computers each time they are handed over, therefore it will be possible to identify the stolen and fake ones. With such a system it will be almost possible to overcome all types of current problems related to the banknotes.
;[[Wikipidiya:Kaymakuna|Kaymakuna]] : Qillqakunapaq kaymakuna, huklla imakunamanta qillqakunap huklla allin rikch'ananpaq.
Technical Specifications / Specific technical requirements of the request
The data loaded on the chip has to be able to be processed by computers. The solutions may involve a magnetic processor. A novel system is also sought by the researcher.
Other Profile Details
Organisation: Ege Üniversitesi Bilim-Teknoloji Uygulama Ve Arastirma Merkezi (Ege University, Science and Technology Centre)
Country: Turkey
Entry Date: Wed, May 02, 2007
Validation Date: Wed, May 02, 2007
Deadline: Mon, March 31, 2008
List of Keywords
;[[Wikipidiya:Pukyukuna|Pukyukuna]] : Pukyukunata qillqap puchukayninpi rikch'achinapaq.
• Electronics, Microelectronics
• Electronic circuits, components and equipment
• Information Processing, Information System, Workflow Management
• Data Protection, Storage Technology, Cryptography, Data Security
Collaboration Type
• License Agreement
• Joint further development
• Testing of new applications
• Adaptation to specific needs
• Assembly
• Engineering
• Technical consultancy
• Quality control
• Maintenance
;[[Yanapa:TeX|TeX]] : TeX nisqawan minuywakunata rikch'achisunchik.
- Type of partner sought:
Research institutes or industry.
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=== [[Image:Nuvola apps kappfinder.png|30px|Hatunchana rirpu]]Aswan karuta risunchik ===
- Specific area of activity of the partner:
Musuq qillqakunata ruray, kachkaqña qillqakunata allinchay.
Microelectronics and microchips production, design and installation.
- Task to be performed:
;[[Yanapa:Musuq qillqa|Musuq qillqa]] : Ima hinataq musuq qillqata qallarichiy.
The researcher is open to selling the license of the already applied (but not granted yet) patent that he has under a licensing agreement. The size of the company is not important at this stage.
There may be a technical cooperation established between companies in order to create the planned system.
;[[Yanapa:Qillqata astay|Qillqata astay]] : Ima hinataq qillqata astaspa sutinta hukchay.
A commercial agreement with technical assistance is also possible with a company that has the technology of microchips and installing them on banknotes.
=== [[Image:Nuvola apps kcoloredit.png|30px|Llimphina]]Rikch'a, ruqyay, kuyu walltay ===
Targeted Countries
;[[Yanapa:Commons nisqaman chaqnay|Commons nisqaman chaqnay]]
;[[Yanapa:Rikch'a|Ima hinataq rikch'ata qhawachiy]] : Wikipidiyap qillqankunapi rikch'akunam kachun.
;[[Yanapa:Multimidya|Multimidya]] : Ruqyay (awdyu), kuyu walltay (widyu) phichirukunawan llamk'ay.
;[[Yanapa:Phichirukunata chaqnay]]
== <center> [[Image:Nuvola apps korganizer.png|30px|Checklist]]Ñawparikusqa yanapay</center> ==
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=== [[Image:Nuvola apps kservices.png|30px|Avancé]]T'inki qillqakuna ===
;[[Yanapa:Suti ukhukuna|Suti ukhukuna]] : Qillqakunap suti ukhunkunamanta.
;[[Yanapa:Rimaypura t'inkikuna|Rimaypura t'inkikuna]] : Huk rimaykunawan t'inkikuna.
;[[Wikipidiya:Qatichina|Qatichina]] : Tawqa sutikunamanta huklla qillqaman qatichina (redirect).
;[[Wikipidiya:Hawa t'inkikuna|Hawa t'inkikuna]] : Internet llikapi hawa t'inkikunamanta.
;[[Wikipidiya:Sut'ichana qillqa|Sut'ichana qillqa]] : Tawqa imakunap huklla sutinmanta tawqa qillqawan t'inkiq sut'ichana qillqa.
;[[Yanapa:Katiguriya|Katiguriya]] : Qillqakunap katiguriyankuna.
;[[Yanapa:Wiñay pacha si'qi|Wiñay pacha si'qi]] : Wiñay pacha si'qi.
;[[Wikipidiya:Kamachiq|Kamachiq]] : Wikipidiyapi kamachiqpa hayñinkuna.
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=== [[Image:Nuvola apps ktip.png|30px|Micha]]Yuyanakuna ===
;[[Wikipidiya:P'unchawpa yuyanan|P'unchawpa yuyanan]] : Yuyanakuna, allinchariy.
;[[Yanapa:Sananchachakuna|Sananchachakuna]] : Uyapurapi sananchachakuna.
;[[Wikipidiya:Kusilla rurapuy|Kusilla rurapuy]] : Kusilla, sunqusapa rurapuy.
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