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llamk'apuy yuyarinaqa manam kanchu
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== Mallku ==
Hi Rafaelkelvin, it's not so easy to decide about ''mallku''. That's why I'd like to copy your text to [[Rimanakuy:Mallku]]. According to Teofilo Laime Ajacopa's Bolivian Quechua dictionary [] (pdf) ''mallku'' in the meaning you are thinking of is explained as follows "mallku (<A). Kamachiq apu. s. Presidente, -ta. Quien preside o gobierna." and originally stems from the Aymara language. whereasIn the Cusco region ''mallku'' has the meaning of chicken [] (pdf) and in the Ayacucho region paka''mallqu'' means "chickbaby ofbird an[] eagle"(pdf) ("mallkuClodoaldo pakaSoto Ruiz, ankaQuechua mallku,dictionary: ankaMallqu. irpa281. sn. AguiluchoBaby bird. Crían. delPichón. águila"i.Manaraq paway atiq uña urpitucha. A young bird that is not able to fly yet. Pichón que todavía no puede volar. ii. Mallqucha kasqanmantam kay chiwakuchataqa uywarqani. I kept this thrush since it was a baby bird. Crié este zorzalito desde que fue un pichón. iii. Chiwchi. Chick. Pollito). In certain regions in''mallku'' Peru(or ''mallkumallqu'') may also mean "condor" or "eagle".
Maybe we should replace mallku by chiwchi or chipchi.
''Mallku paka'' (next expression in this dictionary) means "chick of an eagle" ("mallku paka, anka mallku, anka irpa. s. Aguilucho. Cría del águila") and not just chick (I mean baby bird) as you suggested. -- [[Ruraq:CaTi0604|CaTi0604]] 11:15 11 awr 2011 (UTC)
About moving articles: You'll find the button when locked in on top of the page on the right. If you move the curser onto the sign beside the star you can click on "Astay". -- [[Ruraq:CaTi0604|CaTi0604]] 08:17 11 awr 2011 (UTC)
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