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Imaynalla! Thanks for help improving this article UNMSM, however, I was wondering about the new termn in your translation into quechuan: Faculty = Apulliq, that's right in english terms, but in spanish, "Facultad" try to means "department" or somthing similar, so I believe "apulliq" doesn't applyes at all in terms of department or "facultad", I want to ask you if you know other term for "department" or leave it with facultad, note that it actually exist another more acqurate word for apulliq Gracias nuevamente, saludos

  • Facultad = Apulliyuq .
  • Departamento académico = Sunturyaq sayana.
  • Instituto = tarpuy qurika.
  • Phawa qutu = facultad. Junta tras una carrera.

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